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Super Tooth Roothog Tree Root & Cypress Knee Grinder Tool for Stick Edgers

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    RootHog will efficiently shave down all types of tree roots including cypress knees. Its specially designed carbide-capped teeth provides the extra aggressive cutting action for shaving down all roots and cypress knees in a matter of minutes. All parts are made from high-impact nylon. You can expect to save time and money by eliminating lawn equipment damage

    The Super-Tooth RootHog offers the following features:

    • The Super Tooth has 30 custom made carbide capped cutting teeth making short work of exposed tree roots
    • Will not harm the tree
    • Carbide teeth last up to 15 times longer than their regular RootHog
    • Engineered for extended use by homeowners, lawn professionals and grounds keepers
    • Grind small to medium sized stumps
    • Edger Not Included


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