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Ninja Tine 4.33" Long .375 Mounting Diameter (Pack of 10)

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    Ninja™ Tines - Core-aerify without surface disruption

    The Ninja™ Tines offers the following features:

    • Durability - Ninja Tines are made from superior steel alloys and are precision-machined to produce a strong and durable tine.
    • You are in control - Ninja™ Tines will increase oxygen levels, percolation and reduce your organic matter with no surface disruption
    • Better playing surface - Better soil conditions will translate to better playing conditions

    This tine is designed to remove organic in the upper profile, it is not designed to go deep. A different mindset with respect to traditional tines. For best results, you need to take a profiler and find the interface between the organic and the mix. That's the depth to set the tine. For most, that means 1.5" - 2.0" down. Most set the depth on the ProCore to letter B or C max. If you go to max depth with this tine you will wear it out.

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    Inside Diameter 0.157" (4mm)
    Outside Diameter 0.275" (7mm)
    Length 4.33" (110mm)
    Mount 0.375" (110mm)