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FieldScout TDR250 Economy Soil Moisture Meter (Rods Sold Separately)

Product Information


    Capture soil moisture measurements in the root zone. Maintain consistent turf quality.

    Conserve water and reduce labor costs.

    By removing the GPS, Bluetooth, temperature sensor, and telescoping frame, the TDR 250 has been simplified to provide a cost-effective solution for soil moisture management of turf grass. It is perfect for daily-fee, municipal courses and sports fields with lower technology budgets.

    The FieldScout® TDR 250 Economy Soil Moisture Meter offers the following features:

    • Soil Moisture (Volumetric Water Content)
    • Settings for standard, hi-clay, or sand soil types
    • Displays VWC% (with running average)
    • Operates in TDR 300 mode
    • Soil measurements in less than a second
    • Internal data logging up to 124,000 measurements
    • USB port to download data log to a flash drive
    • High-contrast display with backlight for easy viewing
    • Ergonomic, portable design with removable handles
    • Interchangeable soil probes (varying options) - sold separately

    TDR Comparisons Specifications

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    Accuracy ± 3.0% VWC
    Range Up to 98.3% Depending on Soil Type
    Resolution .01% VWC
    Data Logger Up to 124,000 Measurements
    Measurement Principle Time-Domain
    Battery 4 AA Batteries
    TDR Rods (Sold Separately) 1.5" Rod Part# 1266428FS3
    3" Rod Part# 1266429FS3
    4.8" Rod Part# 1266431FS3
    8" Rod Part# 1266432FS